At SimpliGov, we know people

We care about public service employees – we know what makes them smile, and what makes them want to hide under the nearest desk. We don’t want to see everyday monotony affecting morale, and that’s why we do what we do. Applying government workflow automation to streamline government processes makes them faster, smarter and more rewarding – for citizens and public servants alike.

We empower government departments and public service agencies by providing them with an effective government automation platform that’s easy to adopt and use. The results speak for themselves: employees escape drudgery and delays and focus more effectively, collaboratively, and responsively on what’s truly important.

“Our mission is simple. Make it easier for government to serve the public and for the public to get what they need from government. It’s a completely new approach that requires no coding, costly upgrades, lengthy implementations or challenging integrations. It’s SimpliGov.”

Gary Leikin 

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